Category: Qx Tables (Mortality tables)
Script: ~Finexec_docs/qxtables_docs.ijs
Updated: 2023 05 19
Definitions for loading, modifying and plotting Qx tables.
Qx tables (mortality tables) can be loaded for a project.

Some conventions with respect to the Qx tables.
Qx table is the name of table that is a list of the 
probability of dying within a year for ages from 0 ... Z 
Ages are integer.
Qx tables are taken from the published material and not modified or extended
For the list of names of all the Qx tables: Qx_ALL.
For the list of the names of all Australian Life Tables Qx tables: Qx_ALT.

Tables in Excel format:


qxtables.ijs Loads scripts from category: Qx Tables
al.ijs Assured Lives Tables (AL)
alt.ijs Australian Life Tables (ALT)
ann.ijs Annuity Life Tables (ANN)
elt.ijs English Life Tables (ELT)
qxtools.ijs Definitions for modifying Qx tables and loading all the Qx tables


A AL_1967_70_M_ULT, AL_49_52_M_ULT, AL_AM92_ULT, AL_IA85_90_F_ULT, AL_IA85_90_M_ULT, AL_IA90_92_F_ULT, AL_IA90_92_M_ULT, AL_IA_64_70_ULT, ALT_1960_62_F, ALT_1960_62_M, ALT_1965_67_F, ALT_1965_67_M, ALT_1970_72_F, ALT_1970_72_M, ALT_1975_77_F, ALT_1975_77_M, ALT_1980_82_F, ALT_1980_82_M, ALT_1985_87_F, ALT_1985_87_M, ALT_1990_92_F, ALT_1990_92_M, ALT_1995_97_F, ALT_1995_97_M, ALT_1998_00_F, ALT_1998_00_M, ALT_2000_02_F, ALT_2000_02_M, ALT_2003_05_F, ALT_2003_05_M, ALT_2004_06_F, ALT_2004_06_M, ALT_2005_07_F, ALT_2005_07_M, ALT_2008_10_F, ALT_2008_10_M, ALT_2009_11_F, ALT_2009_11_M, ALT_2010_12_F, ALT_2010_12_M, ALT_2013_15_F, ALT_2013_15_M, ALT_2014_16_F, ALT_2014_16_M, ALT_2015_17_F, ALT_2015_17_M, ALT_2016_18_F, ALT_2016_18_M, ALT_2017_19_F, ALT_2017_19_M, ALT_2018_20_F, ALT_2018_20_M, ALT_2019_21_F, ALT_2019_21_M, ALT_AGA_2010_12_F, ALT_AGA_2010_12_M, ALT_AGA_2015_17_F, ALT_AGA_2015_17_M, ANN_1920_F_ULT, ANN_1920_M_ULT, ANN_55_F_ULT, ANN_55_M_ULT, ANN_90_F_ULT, ANN_90_M_ULT, ANN_IM80_F_ULT, ANN_IM80_M_ULT
D descQx
E ELT_10_M, ELT_12_M, ELT_15_F, ELT_15_M
P plotQx, plotz, plotzQx
Q quadfit, Qx_AL, Qx_ALL, Qx_ALL_Boxed, Qx_ALT, Qx_ALT_Boxed, Qx_ANN, Qx_Data, Qx_Desc, Qx_DF, Qx_ELT, Qx_Names, Qx_Names_Desc, qxextend, QxF, QxM