The Finexec library consists of:
1 J programming scripts that are grouped by category related to the subject or task.
2 Labs that provide examples of using the scripts and definitions to solve problems.
3 Calculators

1 Category

Actuarial Life Life table, life annuities and life insurance
Actuarial Non-Life Tools for actuarial non-life and tasks
Basic Finance Simple and compound interest rate definitions
Calculators Basic financial and actuarial calculators
Date Time Definitions for date and time calculations
Derivatives Definitions for derivative calculations
Investment Performance Measurement of investment performance
J Phrases J Phrases
J Statistical Package J Statistical Package (Keith Smillie)
Miscellaneous Show the power of J for solving problems
Qx Tables Various mortality tables
R Stats J interface to the R Statistcal Package
Statistics Statistical tools
Toolbox Tools for developing scripts and definitions

2 Labs

Labs are run in a Jqt session and are in early stages of development.
In the Jqt session run: 
    load 'finance/finexec' if not already loaded.
    finexec_labs ''
to list and run labs.
For an introduction to using labs run: 
   introduction_lab '' 

3 Calculators

Financial and actuarial calculators are available in a Jqt session.
For a list of calculators: Calculators

All Finexec Scripts

View All Finexec Scripts subject to limitations.

The links in the scripts when accessing using the link All Finexec Scripts are not available. For example:
* Script source
* Equations
* Terminology
* etc.
These links are available when using the Library link via the category to access the script.

Search Finexec Library

The Finexec library scripts can be searched for keywords, phrases and text to find subjects and definitions for a problem or project.
Use the Edit | Find in Files in the Term window.
Search in the folder: ~addons/finance/finexec to start.

Updated: 2023 05 19