Category: Date Time
Script: ~Finexec_docs/datetime_docs.ijs
Updated: 2023 05 18
Definitions for date and time calculations


datetime.ijs Loads scripts from category: Date Time
calendaryr.ijs Calendar year tool: excerise in tacit form
date_tools.ijs Tools for handling dates
datedb.ijs Date data base
datenumber.ijs Date number utilities
dateperiod.ijs Dates grouped by by period
datetime_rs.ijs Date time utilities Ric Shirlock
edatetime_tools.ijs Tools for working with edatetime


A adjustYrMth, age_lastbd, age_nearestbd, age_nextbd, age_yrs, age_yydd, ageLastBD, ageNearestBD, ageNextBD
C calendar_yr, calendaryr, cDateTime, cDigitTime, cISO_8601DateTime, cNanoDateTime
D date_convert1, date_convert2, date_convert3, date_convert4, date_convert5, date_convert6, date_sys, date_test, date_time_sys, datenumbertable, dates_test, datetonumber, datetonumberx, day_of_week, day_of_weekno, DAYS, days_diff, days_in_month, days_in_year, DAYSA, DAYSB, daysDiff, ddtn, dtn, dtn0, dur_yrs
E end_of_month, escaped
F fmt, fmtDate, fmtDateTime, fmtTime, fmtTimeDiff, fromJulian
G getDateFormats, getTimeFormats, getTimeZoneInfo
I index_period
J J0Date
L last_bd, leapyr, Linux0DateTime
M month_days, MONTHS, MONTHSA, MS0Date
N nddt, ndt, next_bd, next_month, numbertodate, numbertodatex
P periods_end_monthly, periods_hy, periods_monthly, periods_qrt, periods_yr
S set_monthly_dates, set_weekly_dates
T time_sys, tndiff, todate1, todate1, toDateTime, toDayNo, todayno1, todayno1, toJulian, tsDiff, tsdiff_a, tsdiff_b, tsdiff_c, tsMinus, tsPlus
V valdate_yyyymmdd, valdate_yyyymmdd
W week, wks, wks53, wks53y, wy
Y yearb