Catogory: All Finexec Scripts
Script: ~Finexec_docs/allscripts_docs.ijs
Updated: 2023 05 19
Build the documentation for all Finexec scripts.
Run after all the category documentation.
USE finexec_mgt.ijs
LIMITATIONS - links in the scripts not available


actuariallife.ijs Loads scripts from category: Actuarial Life
actuarialnonlife.ijs Loads scripts from category: Actuarial Non Life
al.ijs Assured Lives Tables (AL)
alt.ijs Australian Life Tables (ALT)
ann.ijs Annuity Life Tables (ANN)
basicfinance.ijs Loads scripts from category: Basic Finance
bisection.ijs Bisection methodology for finding a solution to: f(x) = 0
blackscholes.ijs Black-Scholes option pricing models
boxed_table.ijs Build a boxed table of data
calculators.ijs Script file required for the folder
calendaryr.ijs Calendar year tool: excerise in tacit form
chain_ladder_INBR_claims.ijs Chain ladder calculation of IBNR claims
color.ijs Show colors in rgb/hexadecimal and number formats
compound.ijs Compound interest definitions for constant effective interest rates
compoundv.ijs Compound interest definitions for variable effective interest rates
conversions.ijs Various conversions
data_arrays.ijs Definitions for creating data arrays by codes
date_tools.ijs Tools for handling dates
datedb.ijs Date data base
datenumber.ijs Date number utilities
dateperiod.ijs Dates grouped by by period
datetime.ijs Loads scripts from category: Date Time
datetime_rs.ijs Date time utilities Ric Shirlock
derivatives.ijs Loads scripts from category: Derivatives
distributions.ijs Distributions functions (pdf,cdf)
edatetime_tools.ijs Tools for working with edatetime
edittable.ijs Edit a table of data using QTableWidget
elt.ijs English Life Tables (ELT)
explifea.ijs Single and Joint Expectation of life calculator
explifea.ijs Single and Joint Expectation of life calculator
force.ijs Force of interest definitions (Continous compounding)
fundprojection.ijs Fund projection using the Fold conjunctions F: and F.
fundprojection_a.ijs Fund projection using the Fold conjunctions F:. and F..
gi_tools.ijs Tools for general insurance tasks.
intervals_freq_sums_counts.ijs Intervals,frequency,sums,counts
invreturnhardy.ijs Investment return using Hardy’s method
ipm.ijs Loads scripts from category: Investment Performance Measurement
jcalc.ijs J and Some Elementary Statistical Calculations
jcomp.ijs J Companion for Statistical Calculations
jphrases.ijs Loads scripts from category: J Phrases
jsp.ijs J Statisical Package
jstatpac.ijs Loads scripts from category: J Statistical Package
jtsp.ijs J Tutorial and Statistical Package
lease.ijs Definitions for lease calculations
sla.ijs Single life annuity calculator
sla.ijs Single life annuity calculator
sla.ijs Single life annuity calculator
sla.ijs Single life annuity calculator
lifeannuities.ijs Life annuity definitions
lifeinsurance.ijs Life issurance definitions
lifesimulation.ijs Simulation of life and payments (Stochastic)
lifetable.ijs Life table definitions
lifetable_multiplelives.ijs Life table calculations for multiple lives
lists.ijs Create lists of data
loan.ijs Definitions for loan calculations, plots and schedules
loanschedule.ijs Loan schedule using Fold conjunctions F: and F.
matrix_tools.ijs Definitions for matrix manipulation
misc_j602.ijs Miscellaneous from J602
miscellaneous.ijs Loads scripts from category: Miscellaneous
mwrr.ijs Money weighted rate of rerurn (internal rate of return)
numeric.ijs Numeric utilities
numeric_j602.ijs Numeric utilities from J602
phra1.ijs J Phrases Section 1A. Conventions
phra10.ijs J Phrases Section 10A. Sums & Means
phra11.ijs J Phrases Section 11A. Inverse
phra12.ijs J Phrases Section 12A. Finance
phra13.ijs J Phrases Section 13A. Inside Boxes
phra14.ijs J Phrases Section 14A. Execution Time & Space
phra15.ijs J Phrases Section 15A. Case Statements
phra2.ijs J Phrases Section 2A. Bond or Curry
phra3.ijs J Phrases Section 3A. Indexing
phra4.ijs J Phrases Section 4A. Intervals
phra5.ijs J Phrases Section 5A. Structural
phra6.ijs J Phrases Section 6A. Sorting
phra7.ijs J Phrases Section 7A. Permutations
phra8.ijs J Phrases Section 8A. Numbers & Counting
phra9.ijs J Phrases Section 9A. Matrix Algebra
phrb1.ijs J Phrases Section 1B. Locales and the Loading of Script Files
phrb10.ijs J Phrases Section 10B. E Pluribus Unum
phrb11.ijs J Phrases Section 11B. Duality
phrb13.ijs J Phrases Section 13B. Character
phrb14.ijs J Phrases Section 14B. Date & Time
phrb15.ijs J Phrases Section 15B. Miscellaneous
phrb2.ijs J Phrases Section 2B. Rank
phrb3.ijs J Phrases Section 3B. Merge & Amend
phrb4.ijs J Phrases Section 4B. Locating & Selecting
phrb5.ijs J Phrases Section 5B. Partition
phrb6.ijs J Phrases Section 6B. Ranking & Classification
phrb6.ijs J Phrases Section 7B. Rotations & Reflections
phrb8.ijs J Phrases Section 8B. Grids
phrb9.ijs J Phrases Section 9B. Linear Vector Functions
phrc1.ijs J Phrases Section 1C. Specimens
phrc10.ijs J Phrases Section 10C. Math & Stats
phrc11.ijs J Phrases Section 11C. Transformations
phrc13.ijs J Phrases Section 13C. Type Change
phrc2.ijs J Phrases Section 2C. Ambivalent Functions
phrc4.ijs J Phrases Section 4C. Test
phrc5.ijs J Phrases Section 5C. Special Matrices & Lists
phrc6.ijs J Phrases Section 6C. Grading
phrc7.ijs J Phrases Section 7C. Parity & Symmetry
phrc8.ijs J Phrases Section 8C. Representations
phrc9.ijs J Phrases Section 9C. Polynomials & Rational Functions
phrd1.ijs J Phrases Section 1D. Function Tables
phrd10.ijs J Phrases Section 10D. Plotting
phrd2.ijs J Phrases Section 2D. Adverbs & Conjunctions
phrd8.ijs J Phrases Section 8D. Arithmetic
phrd9.ijs J Phrases Section 9D. Transcendental Functions
phre10.ijs J Phrases Section 10E. Approximation
phre2.ijs J Phrases Section 2E. Explicit Definitions
phre8.ijs J Phrases Section 8E. Complex Numbers
phre9.ijs J Phrases Section 9E. Quadrature & Simpson’s Rule
phrf10.ijs J Phrases Section 10F. Random Numbers
phrf2.ijs J Phrases Section 2F. Hooks
phrf9.ijs J Phrases Section 9F. Geometry
phrg2.ijs J Phrases Section 2G. Verb Trains
phrh2.ijs J Phrases Section 2H. Gerunds
pi_1000001.ijs pi string digits to 1000001
pi_digits.ijs Calculator digits of pi
plots.ijs Plot tools
qxtables.ijs Loads scripts from category: Qx Tables
qxtools.ijs Definitions for modifying Qx tables and loading all the Qx tables
rba.ijs Reserve Bank of Australia formula for calculating value of securities
rinterface.ijs Interfacing J with R (using Rserve.exe)
rstats.ijs Loads scripts from category: R Stats
ruleof78.ijs Rule of 78
save_reteive_data.ijs Save and retrieve data (ie: nouns) from the workspace to a keyfile
select.ijs Selecting data form a list
showgrid.ijs Show data in a grid -using isigrid
showtable.ijs show table data using QTableWidget
simple.ijs Simple interest definitions for a constant simple interest rate
stat_tools.ijs Stat tools
statistics.ijs Loads scripts from category: Statistics
sudoku_hui.ijs Roger Hui’s sudoku solver
text_to_numeric.ijs Text data to numeric data
timeline.ijs Time line plot of a cash flow
toolboxijs Loads scripts from category: Toolbox
twrr.ijs Time weighted rates of return


A adjustYrMth, age_lastbd, age_nearestbd, age_nextbd, age_yrs, age_yydd, ageLastBD, ageNearestBD, ageNextBD, AL_1967_70_M_ULT, AL_49_52_M_ULT, AL_AM92_ULT, AL_IA85_90_F_ULT, AL_IA85_90_M_ULT, AL_IA90_92_F_ULT, AL_IA90_92_M_ULT, AL_IA_64_70_ULT, ALT_1960_62_F, ALT_1960_62_M, ALT_1965_67_F, ALT_1965_67_M, ALT_1970_72_F, ALT_1970_72_M, ALT_1975_77_F, ALT_1975_77_M, ALT_1980_82_F, ALT_1980_82_M, ALT_1985_87_F, ALT_1985_87_M, ALT_1990_92_F, ALT_1990_92_M, ALT_1995_97_F, ALT_1995_97_M, ALT_1998_00_F, ALT_1998_00_M, ALT_2000_02_F, ALT_2000_02_M, ALT_2003_05_F, ALT_2003_05_M, ALT_2004_06_F, ALT_2004_06_M, ALT_2005_07_F, ALT_2005_07_M, ALT_2008_10_F, ALT_2008_10_M, ALT_2009_11_F, ALT_2009_11_M, ALT_2010_12_F, ALT_2010_12_M, ALT_2013_15_F, ALT_2013_15_M, ALT_2014_16_F, ALT_2014_16_M, ALT_2015_17_F, ALT_2015_17_M, ALT_2016_18_F, ALT_2016_18_M, ALT_2017_19_F, ALT_2017_19_M, ALT_2018_20_F, ALT_2018_20_M, ALT_2019_21_F, ALT_2019_21_M, ALT_AGA_2010_12_F, ALT_AGA_2010_12_M, ALT_AGA_2015_17_F, ALT_AGA_2015_17_M, an, an0, anD, anF, ANN_1920_F_ULT, ANN_1920_M_ULT, ANN_55_F_ULT, ANN_55_M_ULT, ANN_90_F_ULT, ANN_90_M_ULT, ANN_IM80_F_ULT, ANN_IM80_M_ULT, anvF, asx, asx_M, asxn, asxn1, avg_dev, ax, ax0, ax0_M, ax_M, axn, axn1, axy, axyLS, axyR
B baserep, bdiff, bigpi, bisection, BLK, bottom_triL, bottom_triR, boxcols, boxedtable, bsGKCurrencyOption, bsNonDividend
C calendar_yr, calendaryr, cDateTime, cDigitTime, chl_dev_ratios, chl_proj, chop, cISO_8601DateTime, clean, cNanoDateTime, colsum, common, cumm_sum_columns, cumm_sum_rows
D d, darray, darray1, darray2, darray3, darray4, darray5, darray6, darray7, darray8, data, data_codes, data_table, datas, date_convert1, date_convert2, date_convert3, date_convert4, date_convert5, date_convert6, date_sys, date_test, date_time_sys, datenumbertable, dates_test, datetonumber, datetonumberx, day_of_week, day_of_weekno, DAYS, days_diff, days_in_month, days_in_year, DAYSA, DAYSB, daysDiff, ddtn, default, descQx, deviation_mat, diff, dist_yr_of_death, dist_yrs_life, distDeathsYr, distDurLife, dltLastBox, dp, dtDots, dtn, dtn0, dur_yrs, dx
E econvf, econvg, edittable, effectiveFromSimple, effectiveFromSimple_T, ELT_10_M, ELT_12_M, ELT_15_F, ELT_15_M, end_of_month, enominal, escaped, ev, evt, ex, extend, extenda, exz, ez
F f, f, fc, fct, fct1, fct1_E, fct_E, fdiff, filesList, filesListn, fmt, fmtDate, fmtDateTime, fmtTime, fmtTimeDiff, fn, fproj, fproj_a, fproj_a_l, fproj_l, freq_count_sum, freq_dist_count, freq_dist_countv, fromJulian, ft, fvcf, fvcfv
G g, gc, gct, gct1, gct1_E, gct_E, getDateFormats, getTimeFormats, getTimeZoneInfo, gn, groupndx, gt
H HDR, HDR, HDR_a, hexcolor, hextonumber, hextorgb, histogram
I index, index_period, index_sum_count, inf_fac, inf_pmts, int01, interval, interval_count, interval_countr, intervalr, invReturnHardy, invReturnHardy_T, ip, ip1, ip_1, ipneg1, ipneg_1, isscalar
J J0Date, jexp, join
L last_bd, leapyr, leasePmt, leasePmtShd, leaseR, left_tri, linsert, Linux0DateTime, loanBal, loanLevelPmt, loanLevelPmtEffRate, loanMonthlyPmt, loanMonthlyPmtShd, loanTerm, loanTermMonths, loanVarPmtsEffRate, log1y, lognormal_pdf, lsexp, lshd, lshd_a, lx, lxn, lxn1
M mat_det, mat_id, mat_inv, mat_mult, max, month_days, MONTHS, MONTHSA, MS0Date, mwr, mwrDates, mwrPeriodic
N nddt, ndt, NEW_PZ, next_bd, next_month, normal_pdf, nounsizes, nounsloc, nounsTable, nounsTableRetrieve, nubcount, nubsum, nubsum, nubsum_all, nubsum_all, nubsum_code, nubsum_indx, numbercolor, numbertodate, numbertodatex, numbertohex, numbertorgb, nyears
O onesd
P pathname, periods_end_monthly, periods_hy, periods_monthly, periods_qrt, periods_yr, PI_1000001, pi_n, pi_s, plotdistDeathsYr, plotdistDurLife, plotfn, plotjhsshow, plotkeys, plotlink, plotLoanMonthlyPmtShd, plotm, plotnone, plotQx, plotshow, plotsize, plotsizedefault, plotz, plotzQx, poisson_pdf, polygon_cdf, polygon_pdf, prompt, pvcf, pvcfv, px, pxn, pxn1, pxy, pxy_v, pxyz, pxyz_v, PZ_1, PZ_1A, PZ_2, PZ_3, PZ_4, PZ_5, PZ_6, PZ_7
Q quadfit, qx, qx1y, Qx_AL, Qx_ALL, Qx_ALL_Boxed, Qx_ALT, Qx_ALT_Boxed, Qx_ANN, Qx_Data, Qx_Desc, Qx_DF, Qx_ELT, Qx_Names, Qx_Names_Desc, qxextend, QxF, QxM, qxn, qxn1, qxy, qxyz
R r, random_0to1, random_seed, randomize, range, rba_bond, rba_tb, rba_tb_capital_index, rba_tn, rba_tn_yield, rconvf, recur, repeat, repeats, retrieveData, retrieveData1, retrieveDataTemp, rgbcolor, rgbtonumber, right_tri, rinterface, rotate1, rotate2, rotate3, rotate4, round, round, roundbanker, rounddist, rounddown, roundint, roundup, rt, ruleof78
S s, saveData, saveData1, saveDataTemp, scriptform, sel, selb, selb1, selb2, selb3, selb4, selb5, select_no_repl, select_with_repl, selx0, selx1, selx2, selx3, selx4, selx5, sely0, sely1, sely2, sely3, sely4, sely5, set_monthly_dates, set_weekly_dates, setiv, setiv_a, setv, show, showevents, showgrid, showtable, shuffle, signchange, simpleFromEffective, simpleFromEffective_T, sirate, sirate_E, sn, sn1, snD, snF, st, stddev_biased, steps, steps, subs, sudoku, sudoku_c, sudokuz, sum_intervalr
T T1, time_sys, timelinecf, tndiff, todate1, todate1, toDateTime, toDayNo, todayno1, todayno1, toJulian, tolist, top_triL, top_triR, toscalar, tsDiff, tsdiff_a, tsdiff_b, tsdiff_c, tsMinus, tsPlus, twr, twr_M, twrDietz, twrDietz_M, twrDietzDates, twrDietzDates_M, twrDietzProp, twrDietzProp_M
U uo, uu, uu_a
V v, valdate_yyyymmdd, valdate_yyyymmdd, var_biased, vf0, vf1, vo, vt, vv, vv_a, vvt
W w, week, wks, wks53, wks53y, wt, wvt, wy
X x_from_y
Y y_from_x, yearb, yr_of_death, yrs_death, yrs_life, yrs_life_death, yrs_lifec
Z ze