Catgory: Actuarial Life Actuarial Life Terminology
Script: ~Finance_docs/actuariallife_docs.ijs
Updated: 2023 05 18
Definitions for calculations depending on life.
* life table
* life annuities
* life issurance
* life simulation
Also see: ~addons/finance/actuarial/actuarial.ijs


actuariallife.ijs Loads scripts from category: Actuarial Life
lifetable.ijs Life table definitions
lifetable_multiplelives.ijs Life table calculations for multiple lives
lifeannuities.ijs Life annuity definitions
lifeinsurance.ijs Life issurance definitions
lifesimulation.ijs Simulation of life and payments (Stochastic)


A asx, asx_M, asxn, asxn1, ax, ax0, ax0_M, ax_M, axn, axn1, axy, axyLS, axyR
D dist_yr_of_death, dist_yrs_life, distDeathsYr, distDurLife, dx
E ex, exz
J jexp
L lsexp, lx, lxn, lxn1
N nyears
P plotdistDeathsYr, plotdistDurLife, px, pxn, pxn1, pxy, pxy_v, pxyz, pxyz_v
Q qx, qx1y, qxn, qxn1, qxy, qxyz
Y yr_of_death, yrs_death, yrs_life, yrs_life_death, yrs_lifec