Finexec is an acronym for Financial Executive.
Note: Finexec & J

Finexec is a library of J programming scripts and definitions for financial and actuarial computing. The scripts and definitions are grouped by category related to the subject or task. Labs and calculators provide examples of using the scripts and definitions. An emphasis is placed on documentation and examples.
Explore the scripts, definitions and documentation on the Finexec Library


(1) Promote learning the J programming language for solving problems.
(2) Develop financial and actuarial computing tools and skills using J.
(3) Establish a community of Finexec and J users that share and develop tools and ideas for financial and actuarial computing.

Get Started by Installing J

The J programming language requires to be installed on your computer to use the scripts and definitions from Finexec.
(1) Install the J programming language which is freely available to download from: Installation
(2) Start to explore the J programming language.

Install Finexec as an Addon on Your Computer

Finexec is not included as an addon in the core J Appplication Library (JAL) and is required to be installed from the GitHub repository. Finexec categories,scripts,definitions and documentation can be viewed from the Finexec website at: Library

Install Finexec as an addon to the folder: ~addons/finance/finexec on your computer. 
In a J session run: install 'github:WilliamSzuch/finance_finexec'
Confirm that Finexec has been installed to the folder: dir '~addons/finance/finexec'
In a Qt session Run: load 'finance/finexec' to explore scripts, definitions, documentation on your computer. 

Finexec is also available from: GitHub in the finance_finexec repository.
Download and unzip to ~addons/finance/finexec   

J Playground

The J Playground provides an introduction to the features of J and can be used in your browser.
J does not need to be installed on your computer.

Using Finexec in the J Playground

Subject to some limitations Finexec scripts can be used in the J Playground.
Calculators are NOT available in the J Playground.   
Option 1
Just copy a source script from the Finexec website library and paste into the 
J Playground Edit window. Then run all lines. 
Option 2
Download a script from GitHub to the J Playground Edit window eg:
  openscript ''
Option 3
Install Finexec as an addon  in the J Playground.
Run the following sentence in the J Playground to install the Finexec addon:
   install 'github:WilliamSzuch/finance_finexec'
(*** This may take several minutes ***)   
Check the install:  
   dir '~addons/finance/finexec'
Then run: load 'finance/finexec'
An individual script can be loaded eg:
   load '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance/simple.ijs'
Use the Finexec website  Library to view the scripts and documentation.


Any feedback is most welcome.Contact
For example: errors/omissions/corrections/new definitions/improvements etc.


Finexec is in the initial stages of development and will be undergoing changes as modifications, improvements, corrections and new features are added. Some parts are incomplete and under development. Finexec scripts are free to use and copy. No surety is provided in respect of the application of any of the scripts and defintions in Finexec.

Updated: 2023 05 20